Video motion stabilization with awareness of lens projection
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stabilizer.h File Reference
#include <CL/cl.h>
#include "camera.h"

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typedef struct _DewobbleStabilizer * DewobbleStabilizer


DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_fixed (DewobbleCamera camera, unsigned int interpolation_horizon)
DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_none ()
DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_savitzky_golay (DewobbleCamera camera, int radius, unsigned int interpolation_horizon)
void dewobble_stabilizer_destroy (DewobbleStabilizer *stabilizer)

Typedef Documentation

◆ DewobbleStabilizer

typedef struct _DewobbleStabilizer* DewobbleStabilizer

Abstract base class for stabilizers

A stabilizer is a class which consumes input frames and produces output frames, while annotating the output frames with corrective rotations to compensate for noisy camera rotation in the input.

Function Documentation

◆ dewobble_stabilizer_create_none()

DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_none ( )

Create a null stabilizer. See also dewobble::StabilizerNone.

◆ dewobble_stabilizer_create_fixed()

DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_fixed ( DewobbleCamera  camera,
unsigned int  interpolation_horizon 

Create a null stabilizer. See also dewobble::StabilizerFixed.

◆ dewobble_stabilizer_create_savitzky_golay()

DewobbleStabilizer dewobble_stabilizer_create_savitzky_golay ( DewobbleCamera  camera,
int  radius,
unsigned int  interpolation_horizon 

Create a null stabilizer. See also dewobble::StabilizerSavitzkyGolay.

◆ dewobble_stabilizer_destroy()

void dewobble_stabilizer_destroy ( DewobbleStabilizer stabilizer)

Destroy a stabilizer