For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of making a blog. I’ve wanted somewhere to write my thoughts down and make them accessible to the world. At the least, that means I get an excuse to organise them and write them down, as a sort of personal reflection. I expect that that will be enough to make this worthwhile.

Whilst it remains to be seen what I will end up putting here, I have a few ideas for topics:

  • My work on DConf, a configuration data store for GNOME
  • My work on Rudy, a library for MVC Redux based apps
  • Learnings and experiences about writing software
  • Hacking open source software to make it work on my devices
  • Reviews of things
  • Politics and social issues

I must give credit to Drew DeVault for giving me a little extra motivation to do this in the form of a $20 bribe to readers of his blog who start their own open source hosted tech blog. It remains to be seen if I manage to write a substantive post about tech before the budget runs out, or if he sufficiently approves of my writing. I’ve been inspired by his contributions to open source software and the discourse around it.

So if you find yourself reading this for any reason, I say hello, and I hope you find something of interest to you.