• Adventures making gnome-shell run in Valgrind: part 1

    There is a nasty sort of bug that can occur in languages without memory safety - bugs where memory is accessed incorrectly. There are a few reasons why these bugs are nasty, worse than many other types of bugs:

    • The consequences are often severe (usually the entire process crashes, or worse behaves unpredictably).
    • They often create security vulnerabilities.
    • They are difficult to debug. The symptoms may appear intermittently, and may manifest far away from the cause.
  • I made a blog!

    For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of making a blog. I’ve wanted somewhere to write my thoughts down and make them accessible to the world. At the least, that means I get an excuse to organise them and write them down, as a sort of personal reflection. I expect that that will be enough to make this worthwhile.

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